Who We Are

Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church is a community outreach church that has had a continual presence in the Mid-City Area of Los Angeles, since 1995. Besides its core ministries of Worship, the Word and the Works of the Holy Spirit, the church gives away food to 3000-4000 persons per month at the church location and through other churches and non-profits, and outreaches to the greater Los Angeles area and abroad. Its Resource Center assists people in finding housing and jobs and provides other social services. We believe in meeting spiritual and physical needs of the community. Bread of Life is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual church, predominately African-American and Latino. Bread of Life’s founding pastors, Nancy Eskijian and Ellen Wohl, are Armenian and Jewish, respectively. Like the New Testament church, we are Jew and Gentile, “one new man,” as the Apostle Paul writes, all nations worshiping the Lord together. Sunday services are in English and Spanish.

Bread of Life receives food weekly from many sources. This translates into a few hundred thousand pounds of food a year, and an untold number of meals. People from many nations come to receive food, such as Mexico, countries in Central America, Kazakhstan, Haiti, the Ukraine, Russia, India, Nepal and of course, the USA. God has joined many willing hearts to do the work of the ministry and help the community. We are blessed to serve our church community, and, for most of 2022, Avalon Gardens Housing Project, four to five churches, a soup kitchen, and outreaches to senior apartments, outreach to Figueroa in South Central LA, and the homeless. We also help ministries in Belize and Mexico, as well as India and Myanmar. We have been all over Los Angeles.

The inner mission: To bring the power and love of God to the hearts of the people we serve and the community at large. It is our mission to bring salvation to the lost, heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free from demonic bondage, trauma, generational patterns and curses and more. It is our mission to preach the word and disciple believers, and try to raise up a new generation with truth. It is our mission to be a family of God that is activated in this hour to speak and live the truth, and release the power of God into the realm in which we live. On Fridays, not only do we pray for our nation, city, church, believers, the lost, and each other, but minister deliverance and inner healing in a very personal way to those who attend.

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