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Pastor Ellen Wohl weaves her poetry into ministry. Here are a couple of her poems


By Pastor Ellen Wohl

The sands of time are running out,
Jesus is coming back with a shout.
Do not deny or ask why,
The sands of time are running out.

The sands of times are running out,
Sifting the silt out of our lives;
The doubts, the fears, the wasted years,
As our King draws near.

He is coming, there’s no doubt.
It is clear;
He’s purging our souls,
Making them clean and making them whole.

Jesus is coming with a shout.
The sands of time are running out.
The time is near when He’ll appear
Calling us home, have no fear.

So, rejoice and shout with much glee,
He will not reject you and me.
He is coming with a shout,
He is coming, there’s no doubt.


By Pastor Ellen Wohl

The rays of sunlight stream through my windows in my heart
To give this morning a brand new start.
My eyes are opened to receive from You
The words of Your scripture, incorruptible and true.

Your opened Book, the Word of God, lying near to me,
Beckoning, wooing, calling me, near to see.
The very nature making it clear the knowledge of You.
My soul cries out to Thee, yearning to be free
Love me sweet Jesus, keep me safe for eternity.

This is my Beloved, the Lord and I,
He travels always at my side, waking, sleeping always there,
Letting me know He really cares.
Arise my Beloved, take my hand,
Guide me through Your promised land.

My Beloved Lord knows no boundaries, His love flows from me to you.
Open your heart and say to Him, will you please step right in?
My Beloved is very possessive, He asks all of me;
To serve Him and give my heart freely.
I have no problem, for you see,
Jesus is my Beloved and my Beloved lives in me.

Pour yourself out to others, as I pour Myself out to you.
The dew of My Heavenly Father, that’s pure without stain;
The life-giving waters are sweetness to the soul,
And My glory mixed with rain.
The reign of My Heavenly Father will remove blemishes and pain.

O rise My Beloved now, I speak to You
Come away with Me from your torment;
Fly with Me to the heavenly realm, for I and the Father are One.
Your life with Me has just begun.
My sweet child, you and I are One.

The Comforter is here for you
For the pain that dwells inside,
I have the keys of hades and hell
Let Me in where darkness is, there I yearn to dwell.

I and the Father are one, abide in My and I in you
For there is much work to do.
Lay your head upon My shoulder
Put weight upon My arm
Learn from Me, My sweet child,
My sweet endearing one.

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