Bread Of Life Foursquare Church

We at Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church believe that we are placed in this community, city, nation and world, to minister the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to the sinner, healing and restoration to hurting hearts, broken lives and sick bodies, deliverance to the captives, whether it be from the powers of evil, habits and addictions, or limited lives, the truth of the Word of God to the seeker, empowerment and anointing for ministry to the disciple, evangelistic and material outreach to the community, and release to divine destiny for all believers. 
“Building holy and whole lives from the ground up by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our community through the love of Jesus Christ.”

Who We Are:

Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church is a hands-on ministry devoted to meet the needs of the whole person spiritually, materially, and emotionally, just like Jesus. The founding pastors, Nancy Eskijian and Ellen Wohl, work alongside a dedicated team of leaders, including Spanish speaking ministers, Revs. Ernesto and Nora Cuellar, and many others, to address the needs of everyday people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What We Believe:

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He is our Savior (saving us from sin and the power of it, from hell, from ourselves) through His death on the cross and resurrection, our Healer, healing mind emotions and bodies, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, filling us with power to live a holy life and do the works Jesus did, and Soon Coming King—He will come again to rule and reign. We believe that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, work in perfect unity, and that God loves us with a passion. We believe that we have fallen from God’s initial plan through sin, but we are brought close to the Father again, because Jesus shed His blood taking our sins, and the eternal separation and penalty for sin. We believe we are given the power of a new life by the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead, and through the work of the Holy Spirit in us. We believe that heaven is the reward of the believer, but that we are to move in kingdom power and purpose on earth. We believe salvation is gift from God for EVERYONE who believes, no matter where you are at. We can’t earn it, buy it, produce it, or deserve it, only receive it.

Setting the Captives Free:

Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church emphasizes the ministry of inner healing and deliverance. In short we believe God wants to set people free, and we have skilled ministers to help bring believers to freedom. Areas of freedom may be from the emotional pain, generational curses, traumas, ungodly beliefs, demonic power, self-inflicted curses, and anything else that brings limitation and confinement to His people. Pastor Nancy Eskijian is the author of Restoration NOW!, a book about inner healing and deliverance in the body of Christ and Deliverance and Inner Healing (and Restoration) in a Nutshell, in both English and Spanish. We  would love to pray for you in the process of healing and restoration. We also believe in the power of God to heal people in their bodies and minds. Nothing is impossible with God.

Pastor Nancy Eskijian is also the author of Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Sex and Gender and the Bible, What’s Hot and What’s Not, According to Scripture, and A Revelation of the Cross, a profound unveiling of the love of God towards us through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision:

That the Lord Jesus Christ be lifted high and that Bread of Life become an on-fire church influencing this city and the world through the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Other Areas of Help in Our Vision:

We believe the Lord has led us to create an inner city faith center with a church, food warehouse and foodbank, training rooms; resource services, such as jobs, housing, immigration.  Of course we want to reach the world with the gospel, send food to other countries and needed resources, and demonstrate the love of God around the globe. Jesus is the Bread of Life, Feed the World!

Pastor's Blog

The Lord is calling us to holiness, obedience, the fear of God, and righteousness.  Obedience leads to blessings, righteousness leads to favor with God, and holiness is power.  This is a time when we need to stay close to the Lord and follow Him as never before. There is a great separation going on--between the people of God and the people of the world.  We serve a Risen Savior.  God is good, but He is also holy and righteous. Ask the Lord to fill you with His power, repent of sins and forgive others. If you have prayer requests, send them in.  Love and blessings, Pastor Nancy, Pastor Ellen, Pastors Ernesto and Nora and all those who work and labor in love, and there are many of you, at Bread of Life.
Although church has been suspended for a period due to Covid-19, the church continues with evangelism, and distribution of food, and meeting through Zoom, and other methods.  NOTHING STOPS GOD.

The Loaves and Fishes Project

Bread of Life usually gives food out to a population of nearly 3000 people per month.  Food is distributed at the church, Avalon Gardens Housing Project, Skid Row, and Venice Beach . The pictures above at Imperial Courts show how many people can be touched by food. There is hunger in LA. Last year we reached over 35,000 people in food distribution—more than half of whom are children.  Food insecurity in LA county is almost 30% of the population. That is a lot of people, residents that wonder where their next meal is coming from.    Food not only helps meet immediate needs, but is a healing force for the community. It provides the basic stability so that other avenues of growth can be met. We arrange housing accomodations and employment through our reasource center.
Especially with the COVID-19 crisis, people are in need of food.  We want everyone to receive at the church, but most important is the Bread of Life, Jesus Himself.  He can fill our deepest hunger.

In giving food out to the community on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at regular distributions, there is no religious requirement to receive food. However, many people who get food on Wednesday come to church services on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Sundays are on hold due to COVID-19.
Food is distributed to the community every Wednesday from the church pantry between 11:00 am to 12:30 pm., and also at 3:00 pm Wednesdays and Sundays. All are welcome. 

We also have a church service Wednesday at 12:30 pm and lunch is given to those who attend. We have a food distribution at 3:00 pm for anyone in the community.

Food is also given out every Sunday after church. Again, this starts at 3:00 pm and is open to everyone in the community.

 Food is distributed at the Avalon Gardens Housing Project located at 701 E 88th Pl.  Los Angeles, CA 90002,  under the direction of Selena Hearn every Thursday at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The church serves lunch after our Wednesday services to perhaps 250-300 people per month. We have a team of dedicated workers (mostly volunteer) to provide these services. Many thanks to Rev. Ernesto Cuellar, Rev. Nora Cuellar, Bro. Victor Gonzalez and their many assistants.

Loaves and Fishes Project—What We Need

What we need—short range:

Finances to meet basic overhead such as rents, utilities, insurance, etc., no fluff.
We need one or more utility vans new or in good condition and/or truck (with a lift), to transport food. The backend expenses to this such as maintenance, gas and insurance. We need a passenger van.
Supplies to package and distribute food. Cleaning supplies, chairs for the sanctuary, and other maintenance needs. We could use sophisticated cooking equipment. In the event that we could convert one of our properties into a more sophisticated food preparation area or restaurant, we could get revenue from that as well.
Property for a food warehouse, and residential property for low income housing.
Just some facts According to a recent report of Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, more than 38% of Los Angeles County’s population live in “economic hardship” while 17.5% (or approximately 1.56 million people) live under the federal poverty limit ($23,021 annually for a family of four.) Food assistance from food banks and agencies has increased by 27% over the last three years in Los Angeles County and there is currently an estimated gap between supply and demand of 1.3 million lbs. of food county-wide.

Many of the people that come to Bread of Life and the food banks in Watts basically need a little more help, are underemployed, or experience real food insecurity especially towards the end of the month. This is a necessary outreach providing nutritional and necessary survival support. Many of the recipients of the food are children. We are determined to provide as much as we can nutritionally to support borderline and underserved communities. We have found that the food bank is a major resource for families in need, especially those on government assistance. Bread of Life provides extensive opportunities to pray for, counsel and assist these communities with their serious life challenges. While many of Bread of Life’s members are working and stable; nevertheless, we will never abandon this necessary outreach to those in need.

More Long Range Goals:

An inner city faith center with the church, food warehouse, training rooms, such as for jobs, ESL, social services, such as job placement, immigration; housing nearby for low income people and transitional situations; a Christian bank for micro loans; and a thriving church business. Where do you belong?

Also, we want to:

Build churches and orphanages
Expand the ministry in many media
Bring salvation and healing to hurting people.
Send out ministers to reach the world.
Feed the hungry and meet the needs of the poor.